Our uniquely combined specializations have been effectively utilized by a wide array of real estate professionals in the New York City area. Clients, ranging from financial institutions and investors to commercial/residential leaseholders and lease seekers, have attained success under our guidance. See below for our Management, Brokerage and Special Services offerings.

Property Management 

For: Co-ops, Condos, Multi-Family, Commercial buildings

Our management team has years of hands-on experience handling all aspects of building operations including cash collections, cash disbursements, employee management, site maintenance, construction management and much more. We work diligently to reduce overspending while maintaining a realistic and sensible operating budget. The SRM advantage rests in our careful consideration of expenditures and our proven methods of lowering costs.

Improved operations and building conditions will increase the value of your property. Let our years of experience in multifamily property management and real estate services, as well as our well developed network community, help you achieve your goals.

Property Management Services Included:

Rent Collection

We make sure you get paid on time without any hassle. We collect all funds on your behalf, document income and expenses, and deposit your fund directly to your bank account.

Tenant Relations

We serve the tenant by maintaining positive relationships through frequent correspondence and handle each tenant’s need from start to finish with care.


Property Inspection/Maintenance

We conduct regular on-site inspection and ensure all maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner. If we identify any problem, we arrange for and monitor all repairs to maintain properties.

Financial Report

We provide monthly financial reports including income and expense statements, balance sheet, bank statement, bank reconciliation, budget variance and delinquency.



For: Commercial and Residential buildings

Safeguard Realty Management has been successfully leasing commercial space, such as retail and office, throughout the New York Metropolitan area for nearly two decades. Our Brokerage team, comprising of veterans and promising young professionals, offer our clients a unique understanding of the market and the progression of trends. Our ultimate goal is to guide our clients to success in their business. 

Brokerage Services Included:

Commercial Leasing

You can count on us to take care of the entire leasing process from marketing to filling vacancies. Our brokerage team will negotiate win-win terms and lease your property with the best price.

Commercial Sales

By inspecting each property, its surrounding neighborhood, and economic composition of the area, we will determine the most likely target purchasers for the property and the best marketing approach for sales.

Residential Leasing

Every application for one of our properties is carefully screened. We use background and financial check to qualify tenants and we only place the best in you rental home.

Special Services

We understand that different investors have different goals, and can offer individualized services. These services are offered as a stand-alone product or in addition to our property management services and brokerage services.

Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)

The estimated value of a property as determined by our experienced brokers. A broker price opinion is based on the characteristics of the property being considered. We can determine the probable sales price of your assets quickly, efficiently, and precisely.

Construction Management

We provide a hands-on approach to managing projects, from inception to completion. We will customize resources to meet the demands of each client, and support by strong technical resources. Our professionals serve an end-to-end solution.

Asset Management

We create an overall strategy for your property and and improve asset value by wisely reducing expenses and increasing income. We also prepare, monitor, and adjust your property financial projections and financing strategies.

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