The Safeguard Realty Management Team

The professionals that make up our team are some of the brightest, most experienced, and most determined in the New York real estate industry. At Safeguard, we leverage the unique set of skills and knowledge each team member possesses to provide the optimal level of service to our clients. We value cooperation and share a common determination to maintain loyal relationships and eagerly serve your needs. Our team comprises industry veterans, specialists in various markets, and promising young talent. Find out more about us below.


Thomas D. Gagliano
President, Chief Executive Officer

During his twenty years of real estate experience, Mr. Gagliano has negotiated millions of dollars in sales and lease transactions. Over the past few years, his success in the residential market has included the facilitation in the conversions and sale of New York City cooperatives and condominiums. Mr. Gagliano has negotiated on behalf of many commercial tenants and owners; he consulted in the net lease of a major Downtown office building and several other site in the Metropolitan area - generating millions of dollars of income. Mr. Gagliano’s skills as a negotiator, his command of complex issues, and his expertise in law, financing, valuation, and management have contributed to his success as a legal advisor and consultant for owners, institutions, and investors.

One of Mr. Gagliano’s first experiences in the Real Estate area involved the total on-site lease of a Mitchell-Lama building. His early years provided hands on experience in real estate companies and divisions of regional banks and law firms. During his first practice as an attorney,  Mr. Gagliano specialized in representing foreign investors in U.S. real estate ventures.

Mr. Gagliano then served as a former counsel and V.P. for Sylvan Lawrence Company, Inc., a major real estate firm. During his tenure, throughout the 1980’s, Mr. Gagliano was a factor in the Sylvan Lawrence Company’s campaign to lease millions of square feet of owned office, loft, and retail space which it had accumulated in the Real Estate down cycle. This leasing actively brought Mr. Gagliano into negotiation with many Fortune 500 companies and enabled him to develop important relationships and an in depth understanding of their needs and modes of operation.

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Gagliano has continually worked as a partner with his family’s Real Estate Portfolio. Some of the projects included the development of a 20 acre, 350 boat marina facility in New York City, Coop Conversions, and net leased office buildings to tenants such as the U.S. Postal Service and Nynex. 











Ivan F. Villarruel
Vice President, Director of Operations

With over 25 years of Real Estate management experience, he oversees all aspects of building operations and maintenance. He establishes rigorous standards regarding building expenses, personnel, service contracts, preventative maintenance, and code compliances. He previously worked as a Property/Utility Manager with a real estate firm that owned and managed one of the largest portfolios of residential and commercial properties in Manhattan. He was responsible for approving repairs, maintenance, building staff, tenant alterations, and supervising building service companies. Mr. Villarruel’s ability to control costs and develop  economical operating budgets has gained him respect in the management industry. He has hands on experience in supervision, audit, and approval of all utility billing payments and processing tenant charges.

Mr. Villarruel was also a Utilities Manager and Utilities Consultant to Helmsley-Spear, Inc., supervising all utility billings to tenants of office and loft buildings. While at Helmsley, he improved upon standards in utility billings and collections. Prior to his employment at Helmsley, he served as supervisor to an electrical sub-metering company which serviced fifty major office buildings in Manhattan. Mr. Villarruel holds a Liberal Arts degree in Mathematics, and a Real Estate Broker’s license.