Multifamily Property Management

Since Safeguard Realty Management was established, we have managed a diverse residential multifamily portfolio ranging from properties as small as 6-family to as large as 500,000 square feet. Our management team has years of hands-on experience handling all aspects of building operations including cash collections, cash disbursements, employee management, and site maintenance. Our true advantage, however, is our experience managing co-op, condominium and multifamily buildings with tenants of all kinds including Section 8, SCRIE, rent stabilized and rent controlled. While building operations are essential to a property’s success, Safeguard realizes the importance of cost control. We work diligently to reduce overspending while maintaining a realistic and sensible operating budget. The Safeguard advantage rests in our careful consideration of expenditures and our proven methods of lowering costs.

Because Safeguard Realty Management is a full service real estate firm, we combine our accomplished multifamily property management skills with our other asset improvement services. From finding and leasing quality tenants to property valuation and distressed asset turnaround, Safeguard's services offer consistently positive results.

Improved operations and building conditions will increase the value of your property. Let our years of experience in multifamily property management and real estate services, as well as our well developed network community, help you achieve your goals. Please contact us if you would like more information about how Safeguard can effectively manage your property.

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